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WIN MORE Road Warrior Prizes & Points
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If you just linked here from a race website, this is where you sign up to become a Road Warrior so you'll be eligible for Road Warrior prizes at that race. Read more below about the program.

Road Warrior Ambassadors Wanted

We're still in need of a few runners to be 'ambassadors' for the program, namely to attend a few races over the year in or near your home base area with a banner, table and cards to promote Road Warrior.

You can still run races you attend (some restrictions apply) and there's flexibility on which ones you attend. These are the regions we'd like ambassadors in: Guelph/Kitchener, Hamilton/St. Catherines, Toronto/GTA, Oshawa/Peterborough, Ottawa & region. Email Michael for details.

Associate Companies

The Road Warrior program is an initiative of Athletics Ontario in conjunction with a grant from the Trillium Foundation.

 AO   Ontario Trillium Foundation 

SLOW and FAST runners can win!
Win Prizes from the 'Most Improved Runner' Program!
Members of the ROAD WARRIOR program, from SLOW to FAST runners, win prizes at Ontario races just for IMPROVING their running times.

It's not about the SHOES! 
It’s about you running a little faster per kilometer at any race distance. It’s simply about you improving your time in races.

There are prizes and then there are PRIZES 

Prizes go to 3 Road Warriors at every Road Warrior race who have the best improvement (we keep track of it all). And the points Road Warriors earn at each of those races add up. At the end of the year those with the most points win BIG prize bundles!

Road Warrior Points System:
Thanks to your feedback: 
Points System for Doing Road Warrior Races is Equitable

The Road Warrior points system does not favor those who do short distance races nor long distances - meaning it awards both equitably. 

People who just like to do a 5k or 10k almost every weekend can just do those and earn X number of points (we count your points earned at your top 10 races only).   Those who like a mix of distances and thus can only do a few races because they need the long runs to prepare for, say, a marathon, aren't penalized for doing fewer races.  You'll earn more points for doing the longer distance races.

Road Warrior Program Goals
These are the goals
for the Road Warrior Program for members:
1. Improvement: reward runners who improve their running speed throughout the year
2. Frequency: reward runners who are committed to fitness and run in races - the more races, the more points
3. Commitment: recognize that running a marathon requires a different training regimen than a 5k
4. Participation: encourage others to race  

And the following goals for the mechanics of the Road Warrior Program itself:
1. Growth: the program should be improving and evolving
2. Simplicity: it should be easy for anyone to understand how the system works and how to earn points
3. Fairness: runners who run dozens of races in a year aren't given an unfair advantage... the system has a cap but counts runners’ best performances Based on your ideas, (ideas from Road Warriors) the system described below balances these goals

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How it Works

1. Any race distances in between the 4 standards - 5k, 10k, Half and Marathon -  (or beyond like an ultra) would count points based on the next distance below it (i.e. a 12k race would earn 10k points, an 8k race would earn 5k points). Only races of 5k or more count for points and prizing in the program.  Bottom line: all Road Warrior races count from 5k and longer, both on road and on trail.  

2. The more Road Warriors in a race, the more points awarded.  This means there's a cap to the points awarded... OR, put another way, the fewer Road Warriors at a race, the fewer points awarded. Example (as per table below):  If only 3 Road Warriors are at a 10k, the 1st place one will get 6 pts, 2nd will get 5 pts, 3rd will get 4 pts... If only 10 Road Warriors are at a marathon, the awards points will start at 19 (10 points places from the bottom) and go down to 10 points.  Bottom line:  the more Road Warriors at a race, the more points will be awarded (so encourage your friends to race too). 

3. At most, 10 races contribute to a runner's season point total (the 10 races that accumulate the most points). This way runners are still encouraged to improve and race and aim for the higher points at any Road Warrior Race they attend. 

4. After each Road Warrior race prizes will be awarded to the top 3 Road Warriors and at the end of the year the top 10 points finishers will win prizes.

The next 4 Road Warrior Races coming up...
September 7th, 2014- Toronto

September 13th, 2014- Toronto

September 13th, 2014- Toronto

September 20th, 2014- Hamilton

Click here for a complete list of all Road Warrior Races.
Different points for different races
Points System for Road Warrior Races
for Running a Marathon
(every Road Warrior finishing a marathon will earn a minimum 10 points and the more Road Warriors attending a marathon, the higher the points get that are awarded, to a max of 42) 

for Running a Half

(every Road Warrior finishing a half marathon will earn a minimum 7 points and the more Road Warriors attending a half marathon, the higher the points get that are awarded, to a max of 25)                 

for Running a 10k

(every Road Warrior finishing a 10k will earn a minimum 4 points and the more Road Warriors attending a 10k, the higher the points get that are awarded, to a max of 15) 

for Running a
(every Road Warrior finishing a 5k will earn a minimum 2 points and the more Road Warriors attending a 5k, the higher the points get that are awarded, to a max of 10). 

Remember, the more Road Warriors in a race, the more points awarded (to the maximum).  Or put another way, if there are fewer Road Warriors at a race, there will be fewer points awarded.
Road Warrior Program Explained

How it Works

All Road Warriors gain points for participating in Road Warrior races, with the top 10 at each race earning progressively higher points (all of which count towards end-of-year standings).  Women have won the Road Warrior category in as many races as men, just so you know.

Our software takes into account the difference in distance so it doesn't matter what distance you do over 5k (we only include races of 5k and longer in the Road Warrior program). When you become a 'Road Warrior' member, we retrieve all your past year's race results and create a 'handicap rating' from those (it's like a 5k time).

1. SIGN UP as a Road Warrior if you haven't done so yet. The only thing you'll get from us is monthly newsletters and announcements. 
2. Our software will find all the races you've done in the past year, create a 'handicap' rating for you and enter you in the Road Warrior system. This website gives you access to race results & points.
3. ENTER designated Road Warrior races as these are the only ones you can win Road Warrior prizes at or get points at for the series standings. If your last name has an apostrophe in it like O'Brian, ensure there's no space before or after the apostrophe. If your last name has a space in it like Van Dusen, ensure it's just one space when entering. In either case our software may not pick up your results (but if it doesn't, contact us from the website).


Relays do not count no matter what distance they are as it's too hard to keep track of who does what leg, what distance each leg is, and more often than not it's only the last runner who wears the timing chip, not the entire team so we have no way of knowing who did what time, leg or distance.

Designated Ontario races let you WIN Road Warrior Prizes at those races and WIN SERIES PRIZES at the end of the year!