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Road Warrior Running Marathon Training Head Coach


Head Coach - Rob Mullen

I won’t lie, I absolutely hated running as I was growing up. If there was a way I could get out of running and still take part in team sports, I was all over it. But then something happened later in life—as I started running in an effort to improve my health, I fell in love with it. Then the goal-driven competitor in me took over. I entered my first marathon to prove that I could do it, but then moved on right away to how much improvement I could make the next time out, or the time after that. Over the years, I’ve gone from starting out as a 5:10 marathoner to becoming a 2:50 marathoner. I’ve been an avid runner, student of the sport and coach for over 12 years now. I believe that there are few things that can compare to the sense of accomplishment and the friendships that that are made possible through running. I wholeheartedly believe in and embrace the power of the warrior spirit in overcoming and prevailing through our most difficult challenges, whether in running or in life in general.

But this isn’t about me. I’d love to hear your story and talk about how I can help you along the way on your own running journey. Let’s connect and get to work!

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To bring runners of all ages and abilities together and create a movement and a community unlike any other in the running world.

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We will develop a strong community of runners who push and support one another to achieve their goals and growth as runners, individuals and members of society as a whole.

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  • Always grinding – running is more often than not far from being a glamorous endeavor. There are no short cuts, no easy routes to success. We put in the work, the miles, the blood, sweat and tears. Our success is a direct reflection of our commitment to getting work done.

  • Team – the whole of our community is much greater than the sum of our parts. We push each other, hold one another accountable, suffer together, mourn together and celebrate together.

  • Warrior Spirit – always fighting, never quitting. We stay in the battle and leave it all out there. There is no quit. We face our fears head on with courage, always giving our best. We treasure our failures as much, if not more than our victories, as they spur us on to our greatest accomplishments.

  • Mental Strength – the power of our mind is our greatest asset. We prioritize and work to sharpen our mental game with the same intensity and passion as we use to train our bodies to handle what is required of us.

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